The advantage of adaptive streaming technology is that the user’s available network bandwith is measured during delivery and the video quality alters automatically, depending on this bandwith. This allows videos to be made available for end-users with bandwiths for Edge (GSM), UMTS (3G) or WLAN.

Multibitrate iPhone streaming is a complex process during which a video file has to be divided into several parts, called segments. In addition, these segments must be recorded in a master and sub-playlist. It is these playlists, known as ’.m3u files’ as well as the individual segments that actually make iPhone multibitrate streaming possible.

The iPhone Adaptive Streaming exporter is available as plug-in for Rhozet Carbon Coder Single and Serverfarm. System requirement for operation in the CarbonCoder is Version 3.14 or higher. The iPhone Encoder Plugin integrates seamlessly with the Rhozet system environment.

The iPhone Adaptive Streaming exporter plugin for Rhozet’s Carbon Coder is commercially available. Contact us at for details.

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